Voluntary Tuition Payment & Credit Program

The economic impact of this current public health crisis has been especially severe with regard to our business and our staff. There are no government funds available to us as a small business. To make some of our financial losses easier to absorb over time, we are asking for volunteers to participate in our new Voluntary Tuition Payment & Credit Program.

Through this program, you can prepay your tuition for summer camp or after school, so once we reopen our doors, you will have already paid your bills for several weeks. In addition, you will receive a discount for a period of time once classes resume.

This program is entirely voluntary, but by participating, you will be helping our efforts to reopen our doors at a moment’s notice. When you volunteer, your money will help us:

  • Pay our facility costs, like rent/ mortgage, utilities, and security.
  • Pay our staff so they and their families can make ends meet for the next few weeks. (Believe it or not, even during our current shutdown, our team is continuing to brainstorm fun activities and ideas, so when we reopen, our program will be better than ever.)

How can you enroll?  Complete the form below, or contact ashli@girls-university or text at (843) 468-4710. We’ll handle the rest.

We understand that the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting all of us. If you can’t participate in this program, please don’t worry! Once we return to normal, we will work with you until you are able to get back on your feet, too.

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