Sorority U Club

Sorority U: A girl empowerment club

Sorority U club sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each individual group of girls whom we work with. Our exciting lessons on etiquette, self-esteem, inner-beauty, STEAM education and life-skills can be delivered as single lessons, a series of workshops, or seminars.

Cost: $40 per month (includes two 60 minute sessions per month, materials, transportation for field trips and access to an etiquette luncheon and a trained, certified instructor)

  • Meets twice a month
  • Focuses on all things Girls University
  • Explores and develops girls holistically
  • Learn etiquette and build self-esteem
  • Interact with girls from diverse backgrounds
  • Educates girls and builds confidence

Every girl wants to look and feel beautiful. Girls discover beauty is not just something you ‘paint on’, but something that is developed from within. Competence in appearance and etiquette translates into strong confidence in life. Knowing how to present one’s self at school, a party, an important event, or a business setting is vital in today’s world. Students practice proper skin care, make-up techniques, posture, nail care, communication skills, a positive attitude, managing time and setting goals. During these workshop we will be focusing on the basics of beauty. After all, good skin is the foundation for good make-up. During these workshops the focus will be on proper skin care steps, and telling the difference between good products and harmful ones!

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