Master Chef Program


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At Girls University we pride ourselves in developing a student’s natural skills and abilities through more advanced and fun engagements. As a personally enriching and dynamic environment, Girls University wanted to extend its reach beyond its own walls. In turn, Jessica Outlaw (Master Chef Instructor), carefully constructed and began facilitating a Master Chef Program (MCP). After much success with our Junior Chef workshops, we would to expand and present this opportunity to our Junior Chef regulars and anyone else in the community.

Master Chef Program is for girls who have an affinity for the culinary arts, including cooking and baking, teaches girls cooking and baking skills, learns of careers in the culinary arts, and prepares girls to reach The GU Master Chef Certification.
MCP will also reach beyond its own borders, making sure that every student get exposure to different cultures, languages, food, and perspectives in the culinary world.


Our main mission is to explore, capitalize, and develop girls’ innate disposition towards curiosity, creativity, problem solving, and culinary literacy. We aim to immerse young scholars in an environment that is stimulating, inclusive, and engaging while simultaneously mentoring their natural talents and personalities.


  • Develop skills and critical thinking through dynamic culinary activities.
  • Expose students to various types of foods, cultures, and languages.
  • Scientific exploration through hands on learning.
  • Expand culinary skills to reach Master Chef Certification.
  • Engage in off campus activities to better understand relative application.

What grade levels?
5K – 8th

How much does it cost?
$40 per month (Includes cost for materials, supplies, 2 sessions, and transportation to/from field studies and trips)

What levels are there?


Ready to register? Start your journey now. 

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