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Girls University Enrichment clubs span a number of different interests for girls. Each club requires dues and vary depending on the club. Dues assist with supplies and materials needed to complete projects.
If you are interested in joining an after school club, please call (843) 407-7937 or contact us.
Crochet/Knitting Club
  • Meeting twice a month
  • Practice basics
  • Simple projects (beanies, scarves, clutch bags, etc.)
Let’s hang out and create fun and fashion together! We can help each other create fashion ensembles like beanies, scarves, handbags and more.
Engineering Club
  • Meeting twice a month
  • Works on engineering projects
  • Prepares for local competitions

Fashion Club

  • Meeting twice a month
  • Works on and explores all things fashion
  • Develops knowledge in Cosmetology, Style, Fashion and more.

Technology Club

  • Meeting twice a month
  • Learns various coding languages
  • Prepares for local competitions

Creative Writing Club

  • Meeting twice a month
  • Focuses on different forms of writing
  • Educates girls and builds confidence in writing