My Doll and Me Summer Camp

Summer has officially arrived!

Girls University began their summer camp on June 5th. Girls grabbed their passports and travel bags and took a tour around the world!

During this week the staff introduce the young ladies to travel activities that included their own doll. Each girl was able to bring in their own dolls each day of camp. Who knew how important dressing your doll each morning with just the right outfit could be? Girls engaged in a number of activities for and with their dolls. The most popular activity was making doll cellphones.

Each doll is a representation of each girl, her personality, how she feels about herself and how she sees herself. The goal of this week was to give girls a glimpse of culture, diversity, and learn how to accept ones self. The ladies made passports for themselves and their doll. The girls also built their own London bridges and Eiffel Towers. The staff introduced the girls to different cultures by having the ladies build the London Bridges and Eiffel Towers to show them the many places that share different outlooks.

The girls were introduced to diversity through the American Girl doll series. Girls learned about a few of the different American Girl dolls, their lives and how it is okay to be yourself, no matter where you are from.

The first week of summer camp at Girls University went great and the girls now understand what it means to be inspired, motivated, and educated by taking a deeper look at the world around them. #dollstravel

Check back soon for details on our Hartsville camps and all of the fun they are having.

Summer Camps


Welcome to Summer Camp 2017!

Girls University camps are centered around improving the well-being of girls. We believe in each girl’s individuality and intentionally focus on three key areas:

We work to create a safe, interactive and hands on environment that allows girls freedom to:
– Learn and master skills that nurture their passions, talents and potential.
– Bond with new friends and positive staff role models to create lasting memories.
– Know they belong so they feel welcome and free to express who they are.

WHAT DO WE OFFER? We offer a number of camps throughout the summer for girls! We have something for every girl, all summer long! You can attend one week or more, all summer.

Locations: Florence SC and Hartsville SC (Coker College)

Day Camps  – 8:00 am – 12:00 pm or 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm with full day option available (drop off starts at 7:30 am and 12:30 pm) lunch available in Florence only.

Twilight Camps – 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm (drop off starts at 6:00 pm)

 Download registration packet and bring it with you — Parent Enrollment Packet 2016-2017- Summer

Ready to register?
Registering for summer camp at Girls U is easy! Select an option below to complete the online registration process or simply reach out to a Girls U staff member anytime during operating hours or stop by 1249 Celebration Blvd, Florence, SC 29501 – (843) 407-7937!

To register for girls 5k-6th grade day camps: (Florence)
Eventbrite - Summer Camps for Girls Grades 5K - 6TH

Eventbrite - Summer Camps for HARTSVILLE SC

For questions about the registration process please contact Ashli Smart at | (843) 468-4710


“Mini Miss STEAM Academy”
Motivate. Inspire. Educate. TM 

Florence, SC – January 23, 2017- Afterschool program launches Florence’s first gender-based day academy to introduce pre-schoolers to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) “Girls University”.

Girls University was established to motivate, inspire and educate girls in the Pee Dee.  Identifying the need to provide girls with programming combine with specialized tools, allows for Girls University to create a model of success.  Understanding the shortage of women entering STEAM fields and the numerous career opportunities we decided to launch Girls U Mini Miss STEAM Academy.

Girls University are great supporters of the STEM movement and are always encouraging girls hoping they break out of those stereotypes and dive into fields that have not been historically filled by women. We know it’s not always easy, but we agree with exposure and support to solve the problem and offer more diverse offerings for students at a younger age in order to get all students hooked on science, tech, engineering and math as soon as possible in their education careers.

Girls University will host their grand opening for Mini Miss STEAM Day Academy on February 7th, 2017 at their location located at 1249 Celebration Blvd, 29501 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am.

About Mini Miss STEAM Academy

Mini Miss STEAM Academy is design to expose scholars ages 3k to 4k science, technology, engineering, arts and math to hands on activities offer twice a week.  We look to motivate girls to become the next video game or app developer, chemist or innovator.  The organization will open its doors with their first weekly sessions in February. For more information on Girls University, please visit or contact our National Program Director, Ashli Smart  843.468.4710.




Florence, SC – December 27, 2016- After school program for girls partners with Model With A Message and launches the Girls Talk Forum “I AM ME” outlet for girls to express their opinions and extend their voices.

Girls University provides a non traditional approach to after school.  Identifying the need to provide girls with specialize enrichment, workshops, tutoring all combine with a safe haven provides our unique niche to after school.  Our focus is to motivate, inspire and educate girls to become products of success, not society.  We are constantly looking for effective and creative ways to inspire our girls therefore; we decided to partner with Model With A Message to launch “I AM ME” Girls Talk Forum 2017.

Understanding the importance of providing girls opportunities; to voice their concerns, talk about daily problems and openly express themselves is an important mission of both organizations.   “I AM ME” will launch January, 8 2017 at Girls University after school academy located at 1249 Celebration Blvd., Florence, SC 29501.  Sessions are for girls ages 12-18 and run every 2nd and 4th Sunday from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Topics change each session and focus on self-esteem, character building, interpesonal skills and goal setting; just to name a few. For more information visit us or

About Girls University

Girls University is designed to motivate, inspire and motivate girls in K – 12th grades regardless of race, background and social status.  We look to motivate girls to become the next Community Leader, President or Philanthropist.  Girls University is located at 1249 Celebration Blvd., Florence, SC and it operates Monday – Friday, 2:30pm – 6:00pm.  For more information on Girls University, please visit or contact our office, 843.468.4710.

About  Modeling With A Message

Modeling With A Message is a female based platform/brand founded by CEO Kelli Williams. It not only gives women a voice, but highlights the different barriers that women face. These barriers are present in the work place as well as day to day living (discrimination, stereotypes, labeling..etc.).  As a woman we are told that there are things we can’t do, we can’t say, we can’t wear, we can’t want to be or strive for. We are pulled apart, analyzed, labeled and then placed into this box that we are forbidden to ever leave. Modeling With A Message is that ladder for every woman who seeks to leave this box. This ladder represents ones focus on their aspirations and prosperity.  Modeling With A Message was created to encourage females that no matter what life throws at you, it is your duty to fulfill your dreams. Make them happen no matter what adversity is brought your way. For more information on Modeling With A Message, please visit

Black Friday Deals


Black Friday is upon us and we have some extra sweet deals for our friends and family.


After School Academy : $25 weekly tuition until 1/1/17

*for newly enrolled girls only

To enroll in our after school academy, please call our Director of Programs – (843) 468-4710 or email

ALL Winter Camps are 50% off

*for girls not already enrolled

To see what winter camps we have coming up, visit here.  

American Girl Doll, Harry Potter, Knitting, Super Hero and Fashion are all awesome winter camps.


BASIC Birthday Parties are 50% off

*must be used within 90 days

To book a birthday party, visit here.  


All discounts end on 11/27/17 at 12:00 AM. Enrollments can take place after this period, but code must be reference during registration for after school academy or the camps. Must be used within 90 days.

Gratitude is. . .

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

We are grateful to our family and friends for supporting our mission to motivate, inspire and educate girls across the country. Our staff appreciates you and looks forward to your continued support as we grow!

Enjoy this day and we are truly grateful for you! Girls University would not be here if it were not for all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!


October 2016 Newsletter

Happy Fall, Ya’ll!

Within this issue of our newsletter you can catch a glimpse some of the recaps from October, as well as what we have coming up for November!  Also check out our new “Parent’s Corner” section, and meet our “Scholar of the Month!

Also, let’s make sure we connect on social media via our Facebook Page!
And, don’t forget to to check out the official Girls University website and blog for more insight on what the girls are doing! You can check out some of their spooky Halloween stories by clicking HERE.

Scholar of the Month


Meet Katricia Green! She is a 6th grader at Savannah Grove, where her favorite subject is Spelling!  Katricia is our first “Scholar of the Month” here at Girls University.  Her awesome personality and kind heart shines bright in our after school program and we cannot wait to see everything that she accomplishes!

A Look at What We are Doing . . .

This past month we have been working with the girls on: Art & Creativity, Science, and the Scientific Method. We actually had the chance to use candy in the name of science to create art, and make our own soda flavors!

See a few photos of the girls working below!


In the “Parent’s Corner” you will find an array of information and resources to help you and your girl win in all counts of life! From problem solving to test taking tips, you can find it here in this section. |  Below is a link to an awesome site that gives tips on School Success! Check it out and let us know how helpful it was.

Tips for School Success 

NOVEMBER 12TH | 12:30 PM
Girls University Saturday Social at Sweet Frog! 
*Please signup at the Girls University Florence Site.

Upcoming: Winter Break Camp: American Girl Doll  DECEMBER 19TH 2016 – DECEMBER 23RD 2016 You can register for this camp by following the link below.  *Scholars who are enrolled in the after school program can attend all day 8:30 a – 5:00 p. Please ask Ms. Jasmine about details on how to signup! Register for our Winter Break Camp 
Make sure to check out our other Weekend Workshops and Social Saturdays! For more information on these events you can visit the website below.
Official Girls University Website

My Halloween Story

During Halloween, the girls wrote a few scary stories and had a pizza party. See pictures from the party below and read this story written by one of our after school scholars.  We may have an author or playwright in the making! More stories on the way. Stay tuned.

My Halloween story

By: Camryn H. 

On a dark and stormy night when a little girl named sally, and she couldn’t sleep because her mom and dad use to do her really bad they beat her and slapped her and never fed her she would sleep on the floor in there room and she couldn’t even sleep.One day sally died and her parents burried her and didn’t even care they didn’t go to her funeral or nothing they just stayed at there house and layed there on the bed. When night came the ghost of sally went to haunt her parents so she made a ghostly noise “ohhhh. Ohhhh.” Her parents jumped up and she made the noise again ohhhh, ohhh, ohhh, and her mom said “Jimmy go check what is that thing when he turned around and all you heard was a loud noise ” ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Rosa jumped up and got really scared she said “wh-o who are you and the ghost said “your worst nightmare” she yelled as she killed her mom. Years later her grandma came with her whole family and when they knocked on the door but no one answer so the door was unlocked so they all walked in and when they saw sally she yelled and killed them one by one so that is the story of the ghost of sally. THE END?



Local Girl Scouts learned about astronomy by taking a closer look at the famous movie STAR WARS.  A workshop was held on Friday, September 30th, 2016 to expose young ladies to astronomy and the stars.   This event is part of an on-going initiative in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics and is coordinated by Ashli Smart, National Program Director for Girls University and Lucretia Brunson, Tiny Techz Area Director. The workshop was $15.00 and available to girls grades 4th – 8th.  The event was held from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at Girls University, 1249 Celebration Blvd, Florence, SC 29501.  Dinner was included along with an exclusive STAR WARS STEM night t-shirt.  Eighteen girls participated in the workshop on STEM.

The STAR WARS exploration started under the leadership of Ashli Smart, National Program Director for Girls University.  Girls University is an interactive leadership and enrichment academy for girls who focuses in STEM, STEAM and other activities for girls. Girls introduced themselves and then began to create their own STAR WARS names.  The girls then completed a few SWAPS (Special Whachamacalits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere – a Girl Scout tradition).  Ms. Smart explained how to create their own SWAPS that featured characters from the STAR WARS movie.  Most of the girls created Yoda, an Ewok and/or R2D2.  The night was then turned over to Lucretia Brunson Florence Area Director for Tiny Techz, a local organization that provides innovative STEM education, while preparing youth for the 21st Century. Tiny Techz staff and Ms. Brunson engaged the girls with educational information regarding the importance of women in astronomy. Tiny Techz staff and Ms. Brunson completed a hands-on take home activity with the girls, Nebula Jars. Each girl created her own.  The girls were immersed with information about our galaxies and others as well as our solar system. Tiny Techz then connected the projects and information to the movie STAR WARS.

If you know a girl who would benefit from exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, or Mathematics, they may contact the Girls University at 843-468-4710 or Ashli Smart at

Girls University is safe, interactive leadership and enrichment academy for all girls that focuses in STEM and STEAM. Visit for information on upcoming workshops, birthday parties, special events and more!



September 2016 Newsletter


You all have been such an amazing help with the opening of Girls University! We are beyond excited to have you and your scholars on this journey with us.

Within this issue of our newsletter you can catch a glimpse some of the recaps from August, as well as what we have coming up for September!

Also, let’s make sure we connect on social media via our Facebook Page!

A Look at What We are Doing . . . 

This past month we have been working with the girls on: Relationship Building, Character Development, Leadership, and Art & Creativity.  We challenged them to create an idea surrounding the topic: “If you could create your own Girls University, what would it look like?”  This will be a long-term project that the girls will continue to work on through the rest of the year starting from learning how to create a business plan to creating their own blog and/or website for their organization!

See a few photos of the girls working below!

Upcoming:  Parents Night Out
OCTOBER 7TH 2016 & OCTOBER 21ST 2016

You can register for any of the dates by following the link below.

Register for a Parents Night Out

Make sure to check out our other Weekend Workshops and Social Saturdays! For more information on these events you can visit the website below.

Official Girls University Website

The school district has now approved Delmae, Sneed and Moore for transportation.  Please note that your child should no longer ride the Bee Helpful bus from any of the schools listed above after next week. If you have not completed and turned in the district transportation application yet, please do so ASAP.

The school will not call the girls name for the bus, they must know the bus they are suppose to ride. Please take a look at the assigned buses as followed and make sure your child knows which bus to get on.

The assigned buses are as followed:

Moore – Bus 34
Sneed – Bus 40
Delmae – Brown Bus