Job Descriptions

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Girls University provides after school educational and academic experiences that develops essential skills for personal and professional growth. We are looking for inspiring and highly motivated team members for our Florence Operations.

If you feel Girls University is a great fit for you, please complete our brief application here . We are looking for High School Seniors, College Students and Women who have a passion for the success of girls.


For questions about joining our team, please contact our Human Resources Department –

DEAN OF GIRLS: College Senior or Above

The role and responsibilities of the Site Coordinator is to oversee all daily operations of the site.  Make sure staff is working accordingly. Serve as Lead Point of Contact for Site Partner. Answer any questions or concerns from parents. Work with vendors and contractors to ensure logistics are in place to ensure successful daily operations. Serve as Parent Liaison to address any concerns from parents. Work closely with Operations to create curriculum. Work closely with Human Resources to screen, hire and train new hirers. Be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds. Work overtime as needed, may work on weekend. Attend at least 2 annual professional development sessions (management, leadership and classroom management). Coordinate training sessions to ensure staff is properly trained and knowledgeable of their role and responsibilities. Create monthly finance and enrollment reports. Making sure all paperwork and documentation is in order and updated. Perform other duties as needed (filling in as Enrichment Specialist)

CHANCELLOR: College Junior or Seasoned Mature Adult

The role and responsibilities of the Chancellor, to assist Dean of Girls as needed. Work closely with Junior Professor to ensure they have necessary supplies and materials for daily and weekly lessons. Check scholars in during arrival. Coordinating and assisting staff to assist with distribution of food and cleaning of facility. Responsible for sending out monthly parenting newsletter and weekly status updates (updates to include but not limited to – behavioral issues, parents issues or concerns, vendor issues or concerns, staff issues or concerns). Be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds. Perform other duties as needed (filling in as an Enrichment Specialist, Site Coordinator). Work with the scholars during all activity time.

JUNIOR PROFESSOR: High School Senior or College Student

The role and responsibilities of the Junior Professor, is to ensure classroom management and program engagement. Serve in the capacity of providing daily after-school instructions and programming. Creating lesson plans as needed and provide to Chancellor for approval of implementation. Assist with transition of students during daily departure and arrival. Perform other duties as needed (assist with distribution of snacks, supplies, and materials). Ensure scholars are having fun at all times!


Upper Classmen is a Student Ambassadors who act as a link between the Girls University and the outside community. They use their own experiences to give people interested in university life an idea of what it is like to be a member. Student Ambassadors play a vital support role to Girls University Prospective Members such as:

•     Leading tours and organizing fun interactive activities

•     Attending field trips and sharing their experiences with students

•     Attending school and community expos

The program also provides the Student Ambassador with an excellent opportunity to gain valuable work experience – improving skills such as communication, team work and working with different age groups.

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