Etiquette Workshop: Act like a lady

For girls grades 2nd – 12th grade

You are beautiful, strong and competent. Are you ready to learn how to act like a lady?

Cost: $15 per girl

Overview: Every girl wants to look and feel beautiful. Girls discover beauty is not just something you ‘paint on’, but something that is developed from within. Competence in appearance and etiquette translates into strong confidence in life. Knowing how to present one’s self at school, a party, an important event, or a business setting is vital in today’s world. Students practice proper skin care, make-up techniques, posture, nail care, communication skills, a positive attitude, managing time and setting goals. During these workshop we will be focusing on the basics of beauty. After all, good skin is the foundation for good make-up. During these workshops the focus will be on proper skin care steps, and telling the difference between good products and harmful ones!

Levels: Introduction, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 (stay for one or attend all in one day!)

Register online now or visit our location to register. You can register for multiple levels and receive a discount.

Register for introduction: covers a general understanding of etiquette. Great place to start in learning about the practice of etiquette.

Eventbrite - Etiquette Workshop

Register for Level 1: covers manners and public speaking. It’s important to understand and respect those around you and be comfortable with introducing yourself.

Eventbrite - Etiquette Workshop

Register for Level 2: covers personal appearance. Personal appearance includes your inside as well as your outside. However, your outside is what is presented to the world and is what people see first. 

Eventbrite - Etiquette Workshop

Register for Level 3: covers goals and attitude. Setting goals (short or long ones) can help catapult you into new heights. Having the right attitude is the first step.

Eventbrite - Etiquette Workshop