College is Possible

To prepare our young ladies for their next step in their educational journey, we are offering workshops that will share critical information to educate our girls so they will be successful.

College is Possible: College 101

I AM Next!
For girls grades 8th-12th
4 series workshop: 90 mins each
$15 per girl
* Gain insights on being successful in college.
* Learn about selecting the right major and career.
* Learn about searching and applying for scholarships.
* Learn about college life and what to expect.
* Learn basic financial literacy—College Budgeting 101.
* Gain helpful tips and tricks in organization and study skills to conquer college.
Workshop 1: organization and study skills – January 6th or January 21
Workshop 2: budgeting – February 3 or February 11
Workshop 3: college life – March 3 or March 25
Workshop 4: scholarships and financial aid – April 14 or April 22

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