Girls of the Month

We had two Girls Tech “Girls of the Month”! Jaelyn and Jayda warm up to people are participating slowly. However, they learn to overcome that on their own initiative after being encouraged by their team. Now both of them actively engage in projects while they grow and learn to never “Stand in the corner.” Along with the black panther handshakes, the girls know that phrase well. It simply means that opportunities pass the people hiding in the corner.

Congrats to Jaelyn and Jayda!

These are just a few scenes from a mini play the girls put on. For the Women’s History, this group chose to reenact the Rosa Parks scene. Equipped with a camera and a little direction, they were able to catch a few black and white photos to make their scenes more realistic. At Girls University, we take research to a whole new level! No book reports here. XD
(Maddy B’s mom is watching to see if this is posted on social media, she loved it).

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