My Halloween Story

During Halloween, the girls wrote a few scary stories and had a pizza party. See pictures from the party below and read this story written by one of our after school scholars.  We may have an author or playwright in the making! More stories on the way. Stay tuned.

My Halloween story

By: Camryn H. 

On a dark and stormy night when a little girl named sally, and she couldn’t sleep because her mom and dad use to do her really bad they beat her and slapped her and never fed her she would sleep on the floor in there room and she couldn’t even sleep.One day sally died and her parents burried her and didn’t even care they didn’t go to her funeral or nothing they just stayed at there house and layed there on the bed. When night came the ghost of sally went to haunt her parents so she made a ghostly noise “ohhhh. Ohhhh.” Her parents jumped up and she made the noise again ohhhh, ohhh, ohhh, and her mom said “Jimmy go check what is that thing when he turned around and all you heard was a loud noise ” ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Rosa jumped up and got really scared she said “wh-o who are you and the ghost said “your worst nightmare” she yelled as she killed her mom. Years later her grandma came with her whole family and when they knocked on the door but no one answer so the door was unlocked so they all walked in and when they saw sally she yelled and killed them one by one so that is the story of the ghost of sally. THE END?

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