September 2016 Newsletter


You all have been such an amazing help with the opening of Girls University! We are beyond excited to have you and your scholars on this journey with us.

Within this issue of our newsletter you can catch a glimpse some of the recaps from August, as well as what we have coming up for September!

Also, let’s make sure we connect on social media via our Facebook Page!

A Look at What We are Doing . . . 

This past month we have been working with the girls on: Relationship Building, Character Development, Leadership, and Art & Creativity.  We challenged them to create an idea surrounding the topic: “If you could create your own Girls University, what would it look like?”  This will be a long-term project that the girls will continue to work on through the rest of the year starting from learning how to create a business plan to creating their own blog and/or website for their organization!

See a few photos of the girls working below!

Upcoming:  Parents Night Out
OCTOBER 7TH 2016 & OCTOBER 21ST 2016

You can register for any of the dates by following the link below.

Register for a Parents Night Out

Make sure to check out our other Weekend Workshops and Social Saturdays! For more information on these events you can visit the website below.

Official Girls University Website

The school district has now approved Delmae, Sneed and Moore for transportation.  Please note that your child should no longer ride the Bee Helpful bus from any of the schools listed above after next week. If you have not completed and turned in the district transportation application yet, please do so ASAP.

The school will not call the girls name for the bus, they must know the bus they are suppose to ride. Please take a look at the assigned buses as followed and make sure your child knows which bus to get on.

The assigned buses are as followed:

Moore – Bus 34
Sneed – Bus 40
Delmae – Brown Bus

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